About W3NA

The Ward Three Neighborhood Association (W3NA) is a dynamic collaboration of neighborhood residents and business owners who work together to support the success of our diverse, urban ward that includes the unique juxtaposition of farms, artist studios, apartment buildings, thriving businesses, schools, and dense residential neighborhoods. The association covers both Ward 3A and 3B residents and businesses.

Ward 3 Board Members

Greg Kerstetter, President Helen Curtin 3A Rep

Roni Gold, School committee ex-officio

Jennifer Normanly, Secretary Leslie Laurie, Business Rep

Jim Nash, Ward 3 City Councilor Jennifer Normanly, Treasurer

Bob Reckman 3B Rep Fred Zimmoch 3B Rep

Becky Shannon, Vice President Sarah Williams 3A Rep

Emily Serafy-Cox, School Committee ex-officio Brittany Hathaway 3B Rep

Bylaws amended Nov. 17, 2019