The Budgar Community Board

As of September 14, 2020 we've raised $5,300!

Thanks to all who have contributed!!


On January 20th, 2019, our Ward 3 neighborhood, in fact our entire city, lost a passionate advocate for public education and engaged community member; Gerald, “Jerry” Budgar.

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association plans to honor Jerry into the future by installing two signs in front of the Bridge Street School (BSS): a school sign and a community board. Jerry attended and lived across the street from BSS all his life , and advocated for the school; he would be thrilled to have W3NA create a sign for the only school in Northampton that does not have one. Toward that end, we are asking for financial help from a host of community members.

Status and Funds Needed

The W3NA plans to install two signs in front of the Bridge Street School by this September: a large sign in front of Bridge Street School, which is the only school in Northampton without an official school sign, and one in Edmund J. Lampron Park closer to the playground area where parents gather when dropping off or picking up their children.

Bridge Street School Sign:

  • 6-ft, carved cedar – approx. $4,500

  • Designed, made, and installed by a local company (Porcupine)

  • Hanging message board below the main sign for school and community announcements – additional $2,000

Jerry Budgar Community Board:

  • Installed in Lampron Park close to the playground where parents drop off and pick up their children and hang around chatting – approx. $1,000

  • Would have a nameplate for Jerry on sign

  • For school and community announcements

Our fund-raising goal is $8,000 to provide for unexpected costs. We may also use any extra money for perennials to plant in clusters around the Jerry Budgar Community Board.

Thank you for considering our project. You may donate in two ways. You may click the PayPal Donate below or you can send the W3NA a check (please note in the memo – BSS-Budgar signs), which will be deposited in a savings account and not co-mingled with W3NA membership dues: W3NA P.O. Box 64 Northampton, MA 01061.

Checks in support of the Budgar Community Board can also be mailed to the Association's PO Box.

PO Box 64, Northampton, MA 01061